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X-x NiShA's SeXsi SiTe x-X
~*~About Me~*~


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Hey, this page is going to be all about get to learn more about me and what I'm all about, so enjoy !!!



Dis is a lil about me
Ma Name: Nisha
Hair: Really dark brown hair
Height: 5'8
Eyes: Brown eyes
Birthday: January 8,1990
Sign: Capricorn
Radio Station: Z103.5
Music: R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance
Colours: Pink, Blue, Purple
Piercings: Only 2 on my ears
Any Tatoos: nah but I would get a rose
Fav Drink: Banana dackery, Mango, Slowgan fizz, slippery nipple, n a screaming orgasm on the beach with extra sugar on thr rim YUM....and coke
Tv Shows: Passions, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond
Movies: A Walk To Remember, The Hot Chick, Leagally Blonde
Stores: Guess, Le Chateau, Urban Planet, Stitches